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Product Discovery Platform powered by Google Cloud Discovery AI

Democratize AI and provide your shoppers with the world's most relevant and personalized B2B and B2C eCommerce Search and Recommendations experiences
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Discover how we Deliver
Extraordinary Digital Customer Experiences

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Understand Your Customers

Connect how your customers shop in-store with their online profile and gain a 360-degree view of their shopping behaviour to create experiences that are relevant to each individual.
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Transform Your Data

Your product catalog is the backbone of your eCommerce platform - Ensure your product data is rich, robust and accurate by utilizing our 3-step Data Enrichment process: Classify-Attribute-Curate
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Unleash the Power of AI

Democratize AI by bringing Google-quality Search and Recommendations to your eCommerce platform with state-of-the-art trained ML and AI algorithms. Optimize for business use cases and user intent.
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Curate Your Experience

GroupBy enables your merchandising team to take control over the entire digital customer experience with our scalable and easy-to-use merchandising platform and actionable search analytics.

Additional Digital Experience Solutions

Unify your data, enable content-driven eCommerce experiences and convert more customers


Extract . Transform . Load
A highly converting website starts with unified data. Data that comes in from various sources and in different formats needs to be unified to be used effectively with your eCommerce platform.


Search Engine Optimization
Grow and convert more customers with the right SEO solutions. Combine data from crawlers, advanced analytics, ranking, links, social data and the sitemap to help you make the most of your SEO and content marketing efforts.
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Tenacious. Innovative. Trusted.

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GroupBy's end-to-end Product Discovery Process

A New Standard in Digital Customer Experience
Using a composable commerce approach, GroupBy's data extraction, transformation, and enrichment capabilities along with state-of-the-art machine learning and artificial intelligence functionality are able to provide retailers and wholesalers with access to the most sophisticated eCommerce Product Discovery Platform powered by Google Cloud retail AI that support eCommerce omnichannel strategies and can seamlessly be implemented into a client's infrastructure within weeks, not years.
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Our Ecosytem of Partners
A partnership with GroupBy is our commitment to growing with you

Our mission is to provide you with dedicated resources and training so we can grow a meaningful business alliance and drive success for our merchants, your business and ours.

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We're innovating fast and growing our partner network to revolutionize the Digital Customer Experience via Product Discovery solutions.
Stay connected with us and learn how we can provide value to help you grow your business, together.

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