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Extract Transform Load (ETL)

Enhanced the Digital Customer Experience by putting your product and customer data to work

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A highly converting website starts with unified data

Most eCommerce data needed to create the optimal user experience exists in a multitude of places and formats. It often requires complex data ingestion, transformations, manipulations, and validations. 

With the GroupBy ETL service, we can automate every ETL process without heavy lifting or internal expertise from your technical teams - while optimizing and supporting your eCommerce omnichannel strategies.

How it works

Data that comes in from different sources and in different formats need to be unified to be used effectively within your eCommerce platform. GroupBy’s data experts work with you to ensure that your business objectives drive the way we standardize your data. Your enhanced product catalogs – containing important information like product attributes, pricing, availability, ratings, reviews and any business logic – are then loaded into our platform, ready to be searched and browsed by your customers.

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Power your eCommerce site with GroupBy's product discovery technology featuring Google-quality Search and Recommendations using state-of-the-art ML and AI models, Data Enrichment and an intuitive Merchandising platform with actionable analytics.

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