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Data Enrichment

Provide your customers with the most useful, and contextual information on your products and keep them coming back for more!

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What is Data Enrichment?

Data Enrichment augments, corrects, and normalizes eCommerce product data for the purpose of improving shopper experiences, product findability, filters & navigation, search metrics, and null search reduction while increasing average order value (AOV) and revenue per visitor (RPV).

Enrich your product records to eliminate buyer frustration and boost your revenue by bringing relevant inventory to the forefront

Rapid product attribution at scale

Turn product data into eCommerce revenue performance. Retailers and wholesalers can nimbly execute and expand on eCommerce strategies by implementing product attribute terms that align directly with your shopper’s search intent. Increasing the number of attributes associated with a single product leads to a more accurate search experience for your customers and higher revenues for you.

Complete, normalized product data without the manual labor

Details sell products, especially when they speak the language of your customers. Our team of data experts will classify your product data by running it through our Global Taxonomy. We then streamline and customize your attributes, moulding them specifically to your business. By leveraging machine learning intelligence, and in some cases, human curation, we deliver an optimized product attribute set purposefully-built at the scale, speed and quality that retailers demand.

Mimic the customer search experience with Enrich Viewer

Review your data before your customers see it to ensure accuracy, relevance, and context. What was once a very manual, tedious process within a dated PIM system, has been transformed into a modern, visual, and user-friendly design, geared to give your team a window into how customer search results lead to higher conversion rates.

Frictionless customer experience that drives conversions

Ensure a positive customer journey and eliminate shopper frustration by reducing hidden inventory, and increasing filter engagements. Custom AI and machine learning algorithms - that classify your catalogs at scale - further improve findability and drive conversions, making the shopping experience faster, easier and more relevant.

Boost your SEO 

Benefit from accurate and relevant language and attributes, terms and synonyms that precisely describe your products, and rich product content to boost your SEO. These data enrichment strategies work together to connect more shoppers to the products they’re looking for, leaving your customers with a higher degree of confidence in your online store - lowering bounce rates and contributing to higher conversion rates and revenue and better SEO ranking.

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How it works.

Devise a custom strategy

We work in partnership with you to build attributes and devise a custom strategy to supercharge your data.

Train the models

Machines go to work at scale, augmented by our human curators that train the models, to ensure your current and future products are consistently and correctly represented in catalogs throughout your entire supply chain.

Refine and add

As we see trends changing, we refine strategies and add attributes to always bring relevant inventory to the forefront and drive conversions.

Average GroupBy Client Results

Decrease in
Null Search Results
Increase in
Revenue per Visit
Increase in
Add to Cart
Increase in
Conversion Rate

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