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Fitment AI
powered by Google Cloud Vertex AI Search for Retail

Help your customers find the exact parts they need directly from the search bar!
GroupBy's eCommerce Fitment Solution

Guarantee the right product and fit every time when searching by year, make or model

Fitment browse search showing a user browsing through the navigation bar without needing to re-enter their vehicle make and model

Guarantee Product Fit At Every Touchpoint On Your Website

Guarantee fit everywhere on your site and create a seamless digital experience! GroupBy’s AI-powered Year, Make, Model Fitment search enables buyers to find specific product parts directly from a query in the search bar but also carry that experience into browse, navigation, and recommendations. Parts returned are guaranteed to fit the queried product, eliminating cumbersome drop-down menus, and configurators. This drastically reduces friction in the buying process ensuring customers get to the right products in the fewest steps possible - improving the online experience and ultimately driving more sales.

Fitment graphic showing search bar of 91 porsche 911 spark plugs that fit a 1991 Porsche 911 model. Search results show products that fit that year, make & model.

AI-Powered Search Results Improve The Digital Experience

Powered by Google Cloud Vertex AI Search for Retail, GroupBy’s Year, Make, Model Fitment AI solution optimizes the search experience for both buyers and internal merchandising teams. Built on a next-generation Google Cloud search engine and trained on vast global and industry specific datasets provides users with access to the most relevant search results that are guaranteed-to-fit every time! The AI is able to handle misspellings, calculate the viability of the result in real-time, and eliminate the need for business rule creation. Additionally, the GroupBy’s Fitment AI solution is able to identify intent and contextual meaning behind a search query to determine the difference between year and model or even short form searches like ‘Chevy’ or ‘Stang’ ensuring accuracy and relevance of search results.

Fitment graphic showing search bar of 2018 chevy silverado brake pads with accurate query results to explain semantic query understanding

Semantic Query Understanding For Seamless Product Findability

Deliver relevant and exact-fit results for conversational and ambiguous searches. Semantic query understanding enables search queries to be parsed for both specific parts and a specific product, resulting in an exact set of results (for automotive applications, this includes year, make, and model). Shoppers can perform product part searches for conversational terms like “Chevy”, ambiguous models like “91 911” (for a 1991 Porsche 911), or long-tail keywords, easily from within the search box to return exact fit parts, instead of using unsophisticated UI tools that complicate the online buying experience resulting in search abandonment.

Fitment image search look up using Vehicle Identification Numer (VIN)

Automatic VIN Look-Up With Image Search

Locate exact parts for a product with Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) image search. Advanced machine learning models interpret the image and decode the VIN to obtain key vehicle information, including year, make, model, unique features and specifications, and use it to deliver relevant results that are guaranteed-to-fit.

Fitment automatic spelling correction - showing a search bar with 2017 crolla wiper blades and accurate search results with wiper blades that fit a 2017 Toyota Corolla

Automatic Spelling Correction

Minimize user frustration with built-in corrections for spelling mistakes and typos. Leveraging the power of Google Cloud Vertex AI Search for Retail, GroupBy’s Year, Make, Model Fitment AI solution automatically fills in missing words, so that even queries like “2017 corlla” still lead to valid search and filter results. For items not included in the product catalog, the most relevant results will be displayed that match the searched query.

Fitment industry applications graphic - automotive parts, tire stores, industrial manufacturing, machinery supply stores, MRO, B2B inustrial supplies, HVAC suppy stores

Multiple Industry Applications

GroupBy’s Year, Make, Model Fitment AI solution is applicable across industries where customers search by year, make and model to find the right parts. Including automotive parts stores, tire stores, industrial manufacturing, machinery supply stores, electronic parts, B2B industrial supplies, HVAC supply stores, MRO (Maintenance, Repair & Operations) and more!

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Easily integrate our APIs into your headless eCommerce suite to enable a rich experience for shoppers.
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Platform Agnostic

Seamlessly use eCommerce platforms such as Salesforce, Magento, Websphere, Hybris, ATG, and others.
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Command Center

Use our merchandising platform, Command Center, to set up and maintain configuration for search, recommendations and data enrichment. Easily manage rules, navigation and boost and bury logic as well as actionable data insights.
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