Talk Commerce | 30 min

Decoding the AI Revolution: Retail Transformation with Arv Natarajan

Hosted by Brent W. Peterson and Veronica Costello, featuring Arv Natarajan

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In this episode of Talk Commerce, hosted by Brent W. Peterson and Veronica Costello, GroupBy’s Director of Product, Arv Natarajan, explores how AI is transforming retail, and discusses both the advancements in product discovery technology and the future of personalized eCommerce experiences.

Topics covered:

  • 7:50
    The biggest challenges that retailers are currently facing
  • 9:02
    The role chatbots might play in eCommerce shopping experiences in the future
  • 11:08
    How generative AI can create guided selling experiences for eCommerce retailers
  • 12:03
    True AI and the differences between next-generation and legacy solutions
  • 14:13
    What retailers can (and should) focus on instead of search tuning
  • 16:46
    The two paths in regards to AI – and which one retailers should focus on
  • 18:56
    The key differences between search results optimized by AI and content generated by AI
  • 20:53
    The future of personalized site search
  • 23:40
    How the “creepy factor” will shift as personalization improves
  • 25:07
    How AI will level the playing field between big box retailers and smaller companies
  • 27:05
    How GroupBy enables retailers to create extraordinary digital experiences
  • 28:58
    Arv’s biggest piece of advice for eCommerce retailers and merchandisers

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