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3 eCommerce Essentials for Conversion Optimization: The connection between SEO, CMS, and Product Discovery - Search & Recommendations

Search AI
powered by Google Cloud Retail AI

Deliver Google-quality personalized search experiences that significantly improve conversion and lower IT costs

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Democratize AI and redefine the
eCommerce experience

  • State-of-the-art, Google trained machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI)
    • GroupBy’s Product Discovery Platform powered by Google Cloud Retail AI provides retailers and wholesalers with access to state-of-the-art AI algorithms that have been trained on significantly more data than traditional legacy systems and leverage Google’s years of experience delivering personalized content across flagship properties such as Google Search, Google Shopping and YouTube.
  • Powerful and unmatched search results
    • Advanced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence provide fast, accurate and high-quality search results that help improve conversion and increase customer engagement.
  • Search results tailored to eCommerce business use cases
    • Capture your audience directly from the start with the most relevant search experience that is specifically tailored to your business goals. Retailers and wholesalers can personalize results based on user interaction and ranking models while optimizing to achieve business targets across channels for clickthrough rate, conversion rates, and revenue.

Hyper-Personalized Search Experiences

  • Understand true user intent with semantic search
    • Benefit from a modern ML engine that leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP), advanced semantic query understanding, and synonym detection to identify shopper intent and context, and provide high quality-search results to consumers searching for products on eCommerce channels.
  • Real-time personalized search results
    • Advanced machine learning and AI neural networks enable GroupBy’s Product Discovery Platform powered by Google Cloud Retail AI to use in-store and online consumer historical data and build user personas based on preferences such as brand affinity, color, size and more to curate results that are individually personalized.
  • Generate results for cold-start products and users
    • Overcome cold-start users, items, and changes in variables like assortment and pricing by leveraging Google’s AI engine and GroupBy’s data enrichment capabilities.
  • Predictive autocomplete
    • Based on your business objectives such as popularity, conversion or click-through rate, automatically generate search, brand, and category suggestions as well as product previews as users type.

Scalability and performance to meet the
needs of today's consumers

  • Search accuracy at scale
    • Perform search at scale by leveraging the user's shopping history to enhance shopping experience and increase conversion. Engage users using data insights (catalog, events, queries, logs) for high-quality search accuracy at scale while also lowering IT cost.
  • Scalable search capabilities
    • Deliver personalized search results leveraging both your online and in-store data, on a platform that scales with digital channel growth. Configuration options to customize for specific needs offer flexibility along with scalability to meet the high-performance demands of online shopping.
  • Optimize your omnichannel and unified commerce experience
    • Optimize inventory, availability, and store/zip code level search across all platforms and devices while supporting all fulfillment types (online delivery, BOPIS, curbside pick-up, same-day delivery).

Merchandise search results for
specific business outcomes

  • Empower your merchandising teams
    • Optimize product display, and build targeted campaigns with GroupBy's Command Center, a powerful merchandising platform.
      - Validate your hypothesis through A/B tests that are easy to set up and track
      - Automatically boost and bury products to a target audience for better customer experiences and promotions
  • Reduce manual curation and configuration
    • Reduce manual intervention posed by rule-based systems and huge catalogs with the implementation of a modern ML engine that leverages natural language processing (NLP), advanced query understanding and ranking models that are optimized for revenue and business impact.
  • Actionable analytics that enable the right business decisions
    • Gain actionable insights on your eCommerce performance and user site interactions to optimize merchandising strategies and identify opportunities that improve business growth. Monitor key metrics such as null search rate, campaigns engagement, and low-performing rules.

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Easily integrate our APIs into your headless eCommerce suite to enable a rich experience for shoppers.

Platform Agnostic

Seamlessly use eCommerce platforms such as Salesforce, Magento, Websphere, Hybris, ATG, and others.

Command Center

Use our merchandising platform, Command Center, to set up and maintain configuration for search, recommendations and data enrichment. Easily manage rules, navigation and boost and bury logic as well as actionable data insights.

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Power your eCommerce site with GroupBy's product discovery technology featuring Google-quality Search and Recommendations using state-of-the-art ML and AI models, Data Enrichment and an intuitive Merchandising platform with actionable analytics.

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