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AI-Powered Year, Make, Model, Fitment Search: Guarantee The Right Product & Fit Every Time!

Discover how AI-powered technology is changing the B2B landscape and driving revenue for B2B companies who sell or distribute parts online

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Duration: 45 minutes

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Roland Gossage headshot
Roland Gossage
CEO, GroupBy
Brian Beck headshot
Brian Beck
Co-Founder at Master B2B Ecommerce 
tablet screen showing Roland's Autoparts featuring GroupBy's fitment feature for eCommerce search and product discovery

Discover how AI-powered Year, Make, Model Fitment Search is Transforming the Digital Customer Experience Directly from the Search Bar!

Whether you sell automotive parts or industrial supplies it is challenging to deliver parts that are guaranteed to fit when searching by year, make and model. A single part can fit hundreds, sometimes even thousands of products. Additionally, each part may have several different attributes required to determine product fit. Plus, existing fitment solutions are cumbersome and regularly require 7-10 clicks before customers can find the right products.

For decades, this market has seen little to no search technology advancements, prompting GroupBy to develop the Fitment product. Watch the panel discussion featuring GroupBy’s CEO, Roland Gossage, and Master B2B Co-Founder, Brian Beck, and find out how GroupBy’s AI-powered Fitment enables buyers to find specific product parts directly from a search bar query and carry that experience into browsing, navigation, and recommendations.

Key Takeaways:

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Why fitment is such a pervasive problem for anyone who sells or distributes product parts by year, make, and model – from automotive applications to industrial manufacturers and many more!
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How can modern AI-powered Fitment technology deliver products that are guaranteed to fit every time from the search bar even for ambiguous or conversational language?
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How can you reduce search abandonment and eliminate long product findability click journeys with AI-powered year, make, model fitment?
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How can you deliver better customer experiences, reducing expensive product returns and generating revenue gains with AI-powered fitment search?

Meet the Speakers:

Headshot of Roland Gossage

Roland Gossage

CEO at GroupBy Inc.
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Roland leads the overall vision, strategy, operations, and development of GroupBy to create a fundamentally better experience for eCommerce shoppers. Roland is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, services, operations, and development in the enterprise software industry. His previous roles included Endeca, Cognos, Hummingbird Communications, and Pure Data. Prior to his career in software, Roland was a member in the Royal Canadian Armored Corps.

Headshot of Brian Beck

Brian Beck

Co-Founder at Master B2B eCommerce
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Brian has over two decades of experience in Ecommerce and digital transformation, including 17 years as a VP and C-level executive. He is the author of the first comprehensive book on B2B Ecommerce, entitled “Billion Dollar B2B Ecommerce” and a Managing Partner at Enceiba, the only Amazon agency focused on serving B2B companies. He is also the Co-Founder of Master B2B, a groundbreaking B2B Ecommerce thought leadership series in partnership with noted industry expert Andy Hoar. Previously, Brian served as the Ecommerce executive at Harbor Freight Tools, Pacsun, and other industry leaders and digital disruptors. He is a regular speaker and recognized expert on topics of digital transformation at conferences and events around the world.

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