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Future of eCommerce Report: 9 Trends That Will Improve your Digital Customer Experience and Boost Revenues

Technological Innovation is Your Opportunity to Build a Lasting & Sustainable Competitive Edge

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Why Read

Experts and analysts expect eCommerce sales to reach almost $2 trillion by 2027. Despite record sales, the eCommerce market is more competitive than ever.

However, when everything from site speed to search to checkout process can affect sales and conversion rates, how are retailers expected to navigate this fiercely competitive landscape and see real returns on their investments to win and keep customers?

Our latest article compiles the top 9 eCommerce trends that will endure beyond simple trends, becoming the foundations for the future of retail.

Discover which of today's trends will become the foundational elements of tomorrow's successful enterprise eCommerce leader and get a jump on your competition.

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Inside you'll discover

  • Which trends will help retailers combat the staggering $2 trillion lost to search abandonment each year worldwide
  • What the most important metric for sustainable growth and long term profit will be (as well as how it influences several other, important trends)
  • The sales platform value-conscious customers are already using - and why retailers will need to adopt it as well
  • The role Generative AI will play in the customer journey - and how you can leverage it to create best-in-class customer experiences

9 eCommerce Trends That Represent The Future Of Retail

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