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Product Discovery | 3 min read

Composable Commerce: Revolutionizing the Online Shopping Experience

March 15, 2023

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Adding another term to the ever-changing eCommerce technology arsenal can be confusing, but the race for retailers to continuously evolve the customer experience and streamline their operations is never-ending – as is their vocabulary. One of the latest technological innovations brands are implementing to address this is composable commerce, which enables them to create customized, flexible, and scalable eCommerce solutions. GroupBy is one of the platforms at the forefront of this movement.

What is Composable Commerce?

Composable commerce is an approach that leverages best-in-class, headless, cloud-native applications that fit into brands’ existing technology stack to satisfy their exact business requirements. Until recently, many brands have focused on building their tech stack with a “headless” structure. Composable commerce builds on that concept, taking a modular approach to mobilizing eCommerce solutions that allow retailers to compile the different SaaS-based tools they need. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, they can build or buy optimal solutions for their company and customers' needs, from analytics and product discovery to the checkout experience.

In addition to lowering the total cost of ownership and increasing operational efficiency, adopting a composable commerce mindset enables retailers to quickly adapt to shifts and trends in consumer behavior. Industry frameworks such as MACH, which are becoming more prevalent, help to enable this adaptability, advocating for an agile, open enterprise ecosystem. These frameworks showcase how a composable structure can support evolving business needs long-term and provide the resources to help brands successfully transition to this approach.

The Benefits of Composable Commerce

Using a modular approach, brands can add or remove components to their eCommerce platform as their customers’ needs change, ensuring their eCommerce site remains flexible and scalable.

Other benefits of Composable commerce include the following:
  • Improved customer experience: Composable commerce provides flexibility for retailers to create a more personalized shopping experience that is tailored to their customers' needs and preferences as they change
  • Lower costs: The modular approach of composable commerce can help retailers streamline their tech stack and reduce the costs associated with building and maintaining an eCommerce solution based on less composable legacy solutions
  • Improved time-to-market: Composable Commerce enables retailers to make website changes and updates quickly and efficiently, bringing new features to the consumer faster
  • Improved integration: The modular approach means easier integration with other business platforms, such as CRM, ERP, and marketing automation

How Composable Commerce is Revolutionizing eCommerce

Composable commerce offers retailers a new approach to building flexible, scalable and customized eCommerce platforms that best meet both their and their customers’ needs. This approach helps retailers escape the static, bulky nature of legacy platforms, enabling them to pick the services and applications that make the most business sense.

Long term, composable commerce can help retailers maintain sustainable growth by creating an environment where they can continuously launch and optimize new features and experiences on their site.

How GroupBy Fits Into the Picture

Product discovery is a critical aspect of any retailer’s eCommerce strategy – it’s the starting point for many consumers and poor product discovery is the quickest way to lose a sale, with 76% of consumers reporting an unsuccessful search leading them to switch retailers. Brands can no longer rely on legacy solutions and instead need to look toward SaaS-based tools that provide the personalized eCommerce experience their customers expect.

GroupBy provides industry-leading features for data enrichment, search, recommendations, navigations, personalization, merchandising and search analytics. Our Product Discovery Platform powered by Google Cloud Vertex AI Search for Retail leverages AI and machine learning to support retailers’ eCommerce sites. It can be seamlessly implemented into a brand’s infrastructure in weeks because of its composable architecture and API-first design.