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Tech Tips | 3 min read

Quick Tech Tips for Search Abandonment

March 29, 2023

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Search abandonment is what happens when a shopper performs a query on your eCommerce website and doesn’t find the product they’re looking for. It’s a common sight, but an unpleasant one. And it costs retailers worldwide more than $2 trillion annually.

With such staggering revenue losses, your eCommerce site should aim to beat the competition by offering the best experience, not the best deal. Here are three actionable tips you can implement immediately to help combat search abandonment.

1. Determine Your Optimal Number of Product Previews

Any list of tech tips would not be complete without suggesting at least one A/B test to run! In this case, a major factor in reducing search abandonment is the number of product previews generated when a customer searches your site.

The product previews are the first thing your customers see after they hit that search button; too many results can overwhelm a customer, but too few results – especially if those results are not personalized or relevant – can also result in an abandoned search.

So run A/B tests on the size of your product previews to determine the optimal number per screen – as well as how many should live above the fold.

2. Discover Your “Golden Path” CTAs

The Golden Path is an idea in product design that focuses on streamlining the customer journey. It’s all about figuring out the Key User Journey – which steps your best customer has to take to fully get the value of your product. In eCommerce, the Golden Path often looks like entering a search, choosing a product, adding it to your cart, and then checking out.

However, that multi-step journey involves multiple calls to action (CTAs). Figuring out what the key CTAs for your site are, and then optimizing the customer experience for them, can help greatly improve conversions and reduce search abandonment.

3. Determine Your High-Intent Metrics

Not all metrics are created equal. While those of us in the eCommerce space try to measure everything, it’s not always necessary. Key metrics can often be more informative of site performance at a glance and are more useful for site optimization initiatives.

While search is a great sign of customer intent, it may not be the most important one. A full-funnel analysis may discover that viewing a product page or adding to cart may be the most indicative of user intent to complete a purchase. Those metrics - the ones that show highest intent to purchase – are the ones you should be optimizing for, and working to increase as they’ll generate the biggest gains site-wide.

In the highly competitive eCommerce landscape, search remains the most essential element for a great customer experience. With billions of dollars at stake, tackling search abandonment is the single biggest opportunity for most retailers to boost their conversions, improve revenue and create loyal customers who will return again and again.

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