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Details sell products, especially when they speak the language of your customers


Product information that is enriched with relevant and accurate descriptive details enables your customers to make better decisions. We use a proprietary data enrichment process and custom machine learning models to identify the most important attributes for your demographic.


We classify and product-type your catalog, and then add the useful contextual product attributes from our own library to build your custom strategy. Colors, sizes, specifications, makes, models, measurements, materials and other catalog information give your customers the vivid details they need to make a purchase.


Most products are missing 50% of critical data such as images or detailed product attributes. If our library is missing any of the required information, we acquire the base data to complete the records, data cleansing and product normalization efforts.


The result is enriched, normalized and standardized data that resonates with your customers, improves product discovery and ensures search results are dependable. Plus, using accurate and relevant language, terms and synonyms to describe your products boosts your SEO.

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