Considering A Switch From Endeca?

8 Weeks to Boost Conversions 34% - 100%

Making the switch from Endeca to modern cloud software solutions like Intelligent Search™ and Headless CMS should be the easiest decision you make this year. 

Here's why: 

1. Without replacing Endeca you will be left behind.

  • The importance of eCommerce has surged due to COVID-19. Ensure you can meet the demand while improving customer experience.

2. The move isn't as scary as you think. 

  • Transition in as little as 8 weeks with our expert team that has several Endeca replacements behind them.

3. The results make it worth it.

  • On average those who switch from Endeca to modern cloud software see an increase of 34% - 100% in search conversion rates. 

Download the article to learn more about the problem, the solution and the results from making the switch.