Digital Transformation Podcast | 22 min

Listen now: Using Artificial Intelligence in Retail

Hosted by Kevin Craine, featuring Roland Gossage

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In this episode hosted by award-winning podcast producer, technology journalist, and internationally recognized writer on digital transformation, Kevin Craine, Roland Gossage, CEO of GroupBy, discusses ways to use AI technology in retail and how hyper-personalization can improve customer experience and sales performance. Roland also shares three action items that are essential to building a strong eCommerce digital experience for retailers.

Topics covered:

  • 00:51
    Using new tools and developments with AI to eCommerce experience and sales performance
  • 02:45
    What is hyper-personalization?
  • 04:43
    How can we do one-to-one personalization?
  • 07:07
    Collecting the relevant data on a granular level
  • 09:35
    Technologies and capabilities required for data processing
  • 11:41
    How GroupBy’s Product Discovery Platform is helping their clients
  • 13:44
    Innovations and opportunities in the retail industry
  • 15:46
    Would there be a backlash to having a digital hyper-personalization?
  • 18:17
    Three action items to delivering a better digital experience
  • 20:39
    How business owners can strategize and prepare for the next five years

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