Future Commerce Podcast | 1hr 13 min

Listen now: In-Store is the Next Frontier for Digital

Hosted by Phillip Jackson and Brian Lange, featuring Roland Gossage

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On this episode of Future Commerce, Brian and Phillip talk about the store opening of Aime Leon Dore, the good, bad and ugly from Brian's perspective. PLUS: GroupBy's own, CEO, Roland Gossage joins them to talk about the next generation of site search, and building the customer experience. Listen now!

The Modernity of Site Search Show Highlights

  • - The future of digital requires having a physical experience. Brian’s ALD experience will likely drive future digital purchases.
  • - We’re in a brave new world of being introduced to brands. Price doesn’t matter anymore. User accessibility is what’s important.
  • - “In-store is the next frontier for digital.”- Brian
  • - There is still a lot of opportunity to optimize the experience for shoppers, if stores are able to create a seamless instore and online experience there would be a lot more growth.
  • - GroupBy’s Roland Gossage joins the show to talk about the past, present, and future of customer journey orchestration, and the tools that help us do that today. The GroupBy Product Discovery Platform powered by Google Cloud Discovery AI drives the world’s most relevant and highly converting eCommerce websites.
  • - In the beginning days of eCommerce, it was all about working to create an online experience and seeing it would work. Now, twenty years later, the game has changed.
  • - “80% of clients who hit a website that have a poor user experience are likely to never return. So the stakes are much higher.” -Roland
  • - The market is ready for a plunge. It��s getting bigger and better. Bringing in new waves of technology helps all parts of the market.
  • - “The old analogy was garbage in, garbage out and that still exists today. We realized upfront that we had to solve the data problem first. So we had to create the golden record.” -Roland

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