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eBook | 13 min read

Is Traditional eCommerce Merchandising Becoming Extinct?

How Transitioning From Rule-Based to AI-First eCommerce Technology Is Changing the Merchandising Landscape Forever!

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Is traditional eCommerce Merchandising Becoming Extinct? eBook cover featuring a dinosaur looking at a legacy merchandising solution on an eCommerce website

Why read this report?

As consumer behavior evolves and market dynamics shift, the gap between consumer and merchant is widening. AI technological advances are proving to be the differentiator, but choosing the right technology to strike a perfect balance between manual control and AI-optimization is essential.

Produced in collaboration with RetailWire, this report offers a comprehensive look at the future of merchandising and how AI-first product discovery technology is shifting the merchandising paradigm from rule-based to revenue-generating - to create better digital customer experiences while optimizing online sales and conversions.

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Inside you'll discover

    legacy merchandising system icon - desktop with cog
  • How legacy search systems and rule-based merchandising are holding retailers back
  • icon of merchandising platform screen showcasing stars as new features
  • Why adding more features has not solved the core problems of legacy search technology
  • AI-first search & product discovery icon with AI written in magnifying glass
  • How AI-first search and product discovery is reshaping the role of the modern eCommerce merchandiser
  • revenue generating icon showing bar graph increasing upwards
  • The top 11 revenue-generating initiatives merchandisers should be focused on instead of tuning search rules
  • badge with a star icon
  • How to lay the foundation for a future-proof eCommerce business
man looking at merchandising platform generating revenue on an ipad - displaying increasing bar graph, targetted campaigns, search magnifying glass

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