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Event Recap | 3 min read

Shoptalk 2023: Relevance, Revenue, and ChatGPT

March 31, 2023

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Wow, what an amazing show!

We just got back from Shoptalk 2023 and wow - what an incredible event! Shoptalk always delivers, but 2023 was a special experience.

275 senior-level speakers delivered valuable industry insights in over a hundred separate panels, keynotes and sessions. Perennial favorite themes and topics like optimizing for omnichannel strategies, creating convenience in a digital world, and personalizing the online shopping experience were joined by panels on using customer data, AI and automation, and retail innovation from around the world.

This year, Shoptalk also launched Meetup - the biggest meetings event in retail history - where industry changemakers got to meet, network and collaborate with great innovators in the retail space, like GroupBy. Over 50,000 meetings (!) were held, and our team had 3 key takeaways from their sessions.

Everyone Is Talking About ChatGPT

Yes, the AI craze that has swept the internet has not (yet) died down! ChatGPT is still a hot topic, and companies are looking at how they can leverage it in eCommerce.

Well, good news! AI technology such as chatGPT is already being used in GroupBy's Search and Product Discovery Platform, powered by Google Cloud Vertex AI Search for Retail. Previous generations of product discovery solutions rely upon keyword search (such as product type, color, style, etc) limiting product findability.

Utilizing Google's retail search engine enables retailers and wholesalers to understand the semantic intent behind a shopper's query, even for the broadest of queries - helping customers find what they are looking for, faster. The real power behind this tech comes in how it understands natural language queries to deliver the seamless, personalized online shopping experiences customers have come to expect.

Revenue Has Replaced Relevance

Where search and product discovery used to focus primarily on relevant results, now revenue is king. Search is an essential part of the eCommerce experience, and relevant, buyable, personalized and revenue-driven product search results are a must have for today's eCommerce retailers.

With customer behaviors shifting thanks to economic pressures, the eCommerce landscape is looking more uncertain than ever before, and the bottom line has become…well, the bottom line.

Where legacy platforms fail, next-generation solutions are winning. Next-generation search technology offers the ability to deliver search results that are relevant, buyable, personalized and optimized for revenue, making it the logical choice for today's retailers.
Each year, retailers lose over $300 billion from bad online search experiences in the U.S. alone. With such staggering revenue losses, your eCommerce site should aim to beat the competition by offering the best experience, not the best deal.

And a poor search experience is a poor site experience.

In our meetings and conversations at Shoptalk, we saw (and heard) that retailers of all sizes understand that a mediocre onsite search and product discovery experience is no longer acceptable. They're focused on understanding their customer, their behavior, and creating the kind of Google-quality search experiences that drive revenue.


Shoptalk is one of the retail industry’s premiere events for good reason. It brings together thousands of industry changemakers in the same space to network, grow and collaborate together. With insightful content, brilliant presenters and an all new Meetup system, the GroupBy team was able to connect with B2B and B2C retailers of all sizes, discuss industry innovations, and help spread the word about next-generation search and product discovery.

If you want next-generation search and recommendations that are optimized for revenue (not just relevance), book a demo with our team today.