TORONTO - GroupBy, a SaaS-based B2C and B2B eCommerce product discovery technology leader, announces that it received the Gold 2023 Merit Award for Technology in the eCommerce category for its AI-first eCommerce Search and Product Discovery Platform powered by Google Cloud Vertex AI Search for Retail for the second year running.
GroupBy's AI expertise has helped online retailers and wholesalers worldwide deliver high-quality digital customer experiences while boosting revenue and lowering total cost of ownership. Designed for the eCommerce B2B and B2C markets, GroupBy's platform understands true user intent and delivers search results that are relevant, buyable, personalized and optimized for revenue for even the broadest of queries. This leads to high-quality online customer experiences and top-line revenue gains for wholesalers and retailers averaging millions of dollars per year for enterprise-size businesses.
Leveraging the power of AI to improve the product discovery experience allows GroupBy's customers to transition from traditional, rule-based eCommerce merchandising strategies to revenue-generating eCommerce merchandising strategies. Legacy platforms require significant manual intervention and search tuning to deliver relevant search results. These practices are extremely time-consuming and can only optimize the most popular search queries due to volume. With GroupBy's solution, retailers can dramatically reduce the amount of search rules they require, while simultaneously optimizing every search query for revenue. Clients regularly go from thousands of search rules to just one, while still possessing all the same features and controls they are accustomed to having. This allows merchandising teams to focus on revenue-generating business initiatives, driving further gains by improving productivity and lowering total cost of ownership.
By revolutionizing search – both for the customer and the retailer – GroupBy is helping enterprise-level eCommerce companies get back to the basics of what they do. Through leveraging the power of AI, GroupBy's platform allows retailers to focus on truly serving their customers.
"We're proud to receive this award for a second year in a row, further acknowledging our positive impact on creating a better customer product discovery experience for the retail industry at large," says GroupBy CEO, Roland Gossage. "The Gold 2023 Merit Award for Technology in the eCommerce category is a testament to our team's continued dedication to helping our customers provide a quality eCommerce experience for their customers while allowing merchandising teams an opportunity to refocus their talents on revenue-generating activities."
The Merit Awards recognize the efforts of global industries and the markets they serve, acknowledging that they have contributed to the market's continued growth worldwide. Merit Awards' judges include respected journalists, executives, consultants, entrepreneurs, educators, and the Merit Awards staff. Each category has a gold, silver and bronze level recipient.
GroupBy works with enterprise-level eCommerce companies worldwide to provide AI-first search and product discovery technology that helps retailers improve search relevance and boost online revenue by creating hyper-personalized, omnichannel shopping experiences. Its one-stop-shop solution allows retailers to access all their vital product discovery needs in a single place: data enrichment, search, recommendations, merchandising, and analytics and reporting.
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Founded in 2013, GroupBy is an eCommerce Search and Product Discovery SaaS technology provider that powers some of the largest B2B and B2C brands. GroupBy's AI-first composable platform is bringing next-generation search technology to retailers worldwide, helping to bridge the gap between consumer and merchant. Powered by Google Cloud Vertex AI Search for Retail, the platform consists of Data Enrichment, Search and Recommendations, Merchandising, and Analytics and Reporting providing eCommerce merchants with access to a powerhouse of products and services designed to enhance the digital customer experience. Built on AI fundamentals, the GroupBy platform is transforming eCommerce merchandising from rule-based to revenue-generating, optimizing productivity and efficiencies, and reducing time to market, allowing retailers, wholesalers and distributors to focus on business strategic initiatives that drive revenue. To learn more about how GroupBy is shaping the future of eCommerce visit and follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.


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