TORONTO - GroupBy Inc., a SaaS-based eCommerce search and product discovery leader, announces the launch of its AI Search & Discovery app, now available on the Shopify App Store. Shopify merchants can leverage the power of true AI through GroupBy's platform that is powered by Google Cloud Vertex AI Search for Retail to maximize sales with unmatched search results.
GroupBy's next-generation eCommerce Search and Product Discovery platform allows Shopify merchants to easily deliver relevant, buyable, personalized search results and product recommendations that are optimized for revenue. Shopify merchants can try GroupBy's next-generation platform for free for the first 30 days, or up to 10,000 search queries.
By installing the GroupBy app, Shopify stores will be able to:
  • Deliver Google-quality search results in just a few clicks – GroupBy's fully automated onboarding allows merchants to install and set up the app in just 3 clicks. Compatible with the latest Shopify themes, the app can be installed and customized on merchants' stores with no IT support required!
  • Increase conversions and site-wide metrics – next-generation search technology enhances product findability and boosts search relevancy through its superior understanding of user intent. Built-in autocomplete, synonym management, and much more leverage GroupBy and Google's expertise in AI to deliver a shopping experience that today's shoppers will love.
  • Save time on configuring and tuning search with an ideal balance of AI-led optimization and manual control – true AI accurately manages search results based on inventory status, customer preferences and click stream data to deliver personalized and relevant customer search experiences. This significantly minimizes the need for manual creation and configuration of search rules, enabling merchants to focus on revenue-generating initiatives.
  • Easily configure the shopper experience through a dynamic merchandising platform – GroupBy's intuitive interface allows merchants to quickly optimize product collections and preview the potential impact of desired changes. Merchants can easily manage the search experience, boost and bury key products, and set and define dynamic filters that help customers find exactly what they're looking for. Pagination controls further enhance and customize the product display experience, for a truly customizable experience.
  • Monitor long-term trends and leverage actionable insights to grow - GroupBy's app includes 365 days of analytics data, real-time data syncing, and visual reports on key website metrics, enabling Shopify stores to further optimize the customer experience and make swift decisions based on real-time data.
"In today's competitive landscape, delivering a quality search experience is critical for eCommerce brands," shared Roland Gossage, CEO of GroupBy. "We are thrilled to partner with Shopify, to deliver best-in-class search technology powered Google Cloud Vertex AI Search for Retail via the Shopify App store. Merchants can easily get started with the app in just a few clicks to revolutionize their digital customer experience, immediately driving conversions, site-wide metrics, and revenue."
GroupBy's AI Search & Discovery app enables Shopify merchants to create exceptional online customer journeys. By combining the power of next-generation search, merchandising, and analytics and reporting, GroupBy's platform allows eCommerce retailers to seamlessly create uniquely curated digital experiences, personalized to every visitor on their site.
Install the GroupBy app in the Shopify App Store

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Founded in 2013, GroupBy is an eCommerce Search and Product Discovery SaaS technology provider that powers some of the largest B2B and B2C brands. GroupBy's AI-first composable platform is bringing next-generation search technology to retailers worldwide, helping to bridge the gap between consumer and merchant. Powered by Google Cloud Vertex AI Search for Retail, the platform consists of Data Enrichment, Search and Recommendations, Merchandising, and Analytics and Reporting providing eCommerce merchants with access to a powerhouse of products and services designed to enhance the digital customer experience. Built on AI fundamentals, the GroupBy platform is transforming eCommerce merchandising from rule-based to revenue-generating, optimizing productivity and efficiencies, and reducing time to market, allowing retailers, wholesalers and distributors to focus on business strategic initiatives that drive revenue. To learn more about how GroupBy is shaping the future of eCommerce visit and follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.


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