TORONTO - GroupBy Inc., a SaaS-based eCommerce search and product discovery leader, is transforming year, make, and model search with the launch of its new AI-powered Fitment product. With this technology, GroupBy is expanding its ability to service online stores that sell automotive parts, tires, industrial and machinery supplies, electronics, and many others with vast product catalogs and databases that require exact specifications or fitments. For decades, this market has seen little to no search technology advancements, prompting GroupBy to develop the Fitment product, which utilizes the same powerful Google Cloud Vertex AI Search for Retail technology that powers its eCommerce Search and Product Discovery Platform.
Providing relevant product and part results from an extensive product inventory that includes year, make, and model has proven problematic for many online sellers. The reason for this, depending on the industry, is that a given part can fit tens of thousands of products. Additionally, unsophisticated UI tools complicate the buyer experience, prompting buyers to take upwards of more than 10 actions before finding the right product part or ultimately abandoning the search.
GroupBy’s AI-powered Fitment enables buyers to find specific product parts directly from a search bar query and carry that experience into browsing, navigation, and recommendations. Parts returned are guaranteed to fit the queried product, eliminating cumbersome drop-down menus and configurators. This drastically reduces friction in the buying process, ensuring customers get to the right products in the fewest steps possible.
Powered by Google Cloud Vertex AI Search for Retail, GroupBy’s Fitment solution optimizes the search experience for both buyers and internal merchandising teams. Built on a next-generation Google Cloud search engine and trained on vast global and industry-specific datasets, it provides users access to the most relevant search results that are guaranteed to fit every time. The AI can handle misspellings, calculate the viability of the result in real-time, and eliminate the need for business rule creation.
Additionally, GroupBy’s Fitment solution can identify intent and contextual meaning behind a search query to determine the difference between year and model or even short-form searches like ‘Chevy’ or ‘Stang,’ ensuring the accuracy and relevance of search results. GroupBy’s next-generation Fitment technology provides online retailers access to superior AI functionality that eliminates consumer product findability frustration with a focus on generating revenue gains.
“For years now, retailers with complex catalogs that sell cars, automotive parts, industrial manufacturing or machinery supplies have struggled to provide their customers with a seamless product findability experience,” says GroupBy CEO Roland Gossage. “The lack of search innovation in this market has forced customers to sift through numerous pages or utilize complex UI tools like drop downs, filters, or widgets creating long click journeys which range anywhere from eight to 30 clicks. With every click that customer has a 7% less chance of purchasing the product they intended to buy. Our AI-powered Fitment solution, which utilizes Google Cloud’s search engine, has been developed to eliminate the complexity and frustration from product part search delivering relevant and exact-fit results for conversational searches. Additionally, shoppers can perform product part searches for conversational terms like “Chevy”, ambiguous models like “91 911” (for a 1991 Porsche 911), or long-tail keywords, easily from within the search box to return exact fit parts. We are seeing an AI-tech revolution that is finally beginning to take place and those who leverage AI today, quickly and efficiently, will be winners in the eCommerce marketplace in the near future.”

GroupBy to Host Fitment Panel Discussion

To introduce its new Fitment product and discuss how next-generation technology drives revenue for B2B companies, GroupBy is hosting a panel discussion on Wednesday, January 31, at 1 p.m. EST, 10 a.m. PST. The webinar, “AI-Powered Year, Make, and Model Fitment Search: Guarantee the Right Product & Fit Every Time,” will demonstrate how AI-first Search and Product Discovery is modernizing eCommerce by solving complex search use cases like fitment, where customers must search by year, make, and model to find the correct parts.
During the panel, GroupBy CEO Roland Gossage will be joined by Master B2B co-founder and B2B expert Bryan Beck to discuss long-time pain points within B2B eCommerce, consumers’ evolving expectations, and how AI-first solutions can help solve challenges with existing fitment solutions. Attendees will discover how GroupBy’s new, AI-powered Fitment product can deliver results guaranteed to fit directly from the search bar, leading to revenue-generating shopping experiences that boost product findability, customer purchase confidence and online revenue.
GroupBy’s next-generation eCommerce Search and Product Discovery Platform powered by Google Cloud Vertex AI Search for Retail powers the world’s most relevant and highly converting B2B and B2C eCommerce sites. By leveraging the power of true AI, the platform delivers relevant, buyable and hyper-personalized search results optimized for revenue. This all-in-one platform includes all vital enterprise eCommerce product discovery functions, including data enrichment, search and browse, recommendations, merchandising, and analytics and reporting. By using AI to solve search issues at the root, GroupBy’s platform drastically reduces manual curation and intervention; customers routinely go from thousands of search rules to just one or two upon launch, freeing up merchandising teams to focus on revenue-generating activities and further improve the customer experience.
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