TORONTO - GroupBy, a leading provider of relevancy-focused eCommerce solutions, in conjunction with, a leading provider of web content management solutions today announced the launch of Page Accelerator.
Page Accelerator was developed to solve the slow loading page speed issues all eCommerce vendors face. The solution was developed because commonly used web frameworks will significantly slow down website performance at scale. This occurs when developers rely on the framework to control every aspect of the consumer's experience. When an eCommerce site is in this situation, their customer experience and time to publish new content suffers along with search rankings. The slowdown also affects page load times for consumers and increases bounce rates, which reduces revenue.
GroupBy's Page Accelerator service built on top of's WebEngine allows eCommerce companies to maintain the benefits of their existing applications and frameworks by decoupling initially loaded page experience from the application. The decoupling results in superior page speed which also improves search engine rankings while reducing bounce rates. Preliminary implementations suggest a minimum 3x improvement in performance metrics and scores above 90 on Google PageSpeed Insights. The approach also allows for faster development due to a simplified code base and removes dependencies on heavy build processes. Page Accelerator satisfies the demands of marketers, customers, and search engines.'s native programming language, Parsley, fully integrates with GroupBy's eCommerce Search Suite resulting in instant page rendering of any product in the database.
"Page Accelerator is a game changer for eCommerce and will be a must-have for any eCommerce vendor to stay competitive," states Randy Apuzzo, Founder and CEO of "GroupBy has dominated the eCommerce market by delivering a personalized user experience based on strong product data relationships. When you combine GroupBy technology with's WebEngine, you get a dream solution for the enterprise that grants speed and search performance to an open canvas of page display opportunities. Together, we are going to reshape how eCommerce teams approach their consumers."
"We spotted the problem, then worked with the team to leverage our combined technologies to develop much needed solutions for our eCommerce customers," says Roland Gossage, CEO of GroupBy. "It will no longer be acceptable to have slow page speeds. Companies must solve for this or be left behind. The solution will change the landscape of enterprise eCommerce."