TORONTO - GroupBy, a SaaS-based eCommerce product discovery technology leader, has teamed up with Grid Dynamics, a leading digital technology services company, to better serve mutual customers with expedited implementation of GroupBy's next-gen product discovery services, lowering total cost of ownership and helping customers maximize ROI.
Since its inception, GroupBy has sought strategic partnerships with exceptional companies bringing innovative solutions to the eCommerce industry. Grid Dynamics was a natural fit given their vast experience helping global companies swiftly and seamlessly integrate Google Cloud Retail Search. The collaboration between the two Google Cloud Partners unites GroupBy's revolutionary product discovery eCommerce experience with Grid Dynamics expertise to help clients maximize ROI through quick expert implementation, lower investment in integration and reduced time-to-market.
"Grid Dynamics's extensive knowledge in Google Discovery AI product integrations complements our product discovery platform flawlessly," says Roland Gossage, CEO of GroupBy. "Through this partnership, retailers can get our search and product discovery solutions up and running weeks faster while achieving maximum ROI and experiencing world-class customer experiences with AI-powered search."
Migrating from a legacy search solution to GroupBy's next-generation Search and Product Discovery is a game changer. In order to get maximum ROI, faster speed to market and optimal value out of your eCommerce product discovery solution you need trusted partners with deep retail and wholesale search expertise. GroupBy and Grid Dynamics' collaboration streamlines the implementation process for even the most complex B2B and B2C use cases. Grid Dynamics' Google Discovery AI integrations significantly reduce the time and customer investment needed to implement GroupBy's solutions, allowing clients to realize the impact of next-gen, AI-powered eCommerce in as little as five-to-six weeks.
A cloud-native digital engineering company, Grid Dynamics specializes in accelerating growth for top brands worldwide with specialized, data-driven solutions. With nearly 20 years of experience in consulting, technology engineering and solution design, Grid Dynamics combines its co-innovation model with the power of Google Cloud to help clients optimize operations and radically improve customer experiences.
"Our goal is always to deliver our clients maximum value through minimum effort and time, leading to significant boosts in sales and ROI," shared Konstantin Malyshev, VP of Customer Success at Grid Dynamics. "We're excited to collaborate with GroupBy to leverage our commercial success in Europe and the Americas. Together, we can help more retailers avoid integration issues and operate smoothly and profitably."
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