TORONTO - GroupBy, a SaaS-based B2C and B2B eCommerce product discovery and search leader makes it easier than ever for retailers to build a compelling shopping experience with several significant updates to its Product Discovery Platform powered by Google Cloud Vertex AI Search for Retail. Three new features designed to enhance the company's AI-powered solutions offer its customers more insight, control and visibility.
GroupBy's new search and browse evaluation tool provides merchandisers with enhanced insight into the effectiveness of their merchandising rules and campaigns, while expanded support for new recommendations models allows GroupBy's clients to deliver even more highly personalized shopping experiences to their customers. Finally, a design update to GroupBy's user interface allows retailers to gauge the health of their site at a glance, and take quick action to address any issues.
Better Insight With Merchandising's Evaluation Tool
The Evaluation Tool provides merchandisers with a way to better understand how their eCommerce site is working and which factors most impact the performance of their search, browse and recommendations.
Within rules, merchandisers already had the ability to perform modifications such as applying boosting and biasing, selecting which navigations appear for users, employing linguistic controls and more. The Evaluation Tool provides insight into which modifications are being applied and how those modifications impact search results and ranking. This transparency into overall site performance allows users to better evaluate the impact of specific changes and then make adjustments to rules or configurations to tackle any issues or inconsistencies within their site.
In addition, GroupBy's Command Center with its strong merchandising capabilities empowers merchandising teams to focus on important and strategic business objectives instead of manual search turning and implementing business rules. When paired with Google's enhanced AI capabilities, merchandising teams can trust the AI to work as a strategic partner, optimizing and displaying results based on hard data and selected business objectives. This tool allows merchandising teams to spend more time and focus on strategic merchandising initiatives that truly add value to the business.
Expanded Recommendation Models
How and where to display product recommendations has long been a pain point for eCommerce retailers. GroupBy's enhanced recommendation engine allows retailers to change displays and suggestions at the page level and generate them specifically for individual users. With placement options ranging from the homepage to email marketing, null search results pages to checkout pages, this deeper personalization makes pages more dynamic and helpful to users, aiding customers in their shopping journeys and promoting higher conversion rates.
To support these objectives, GroupBy has increased the number of recommendation models supported from two to six. Supported models include:
  • Recommended For You
  • Others You May Like
  • Frequently Bought Together
  • Similar Items
  • Buy It Again
  • Products On Sale
GroupBy's Recommendations AI is powered by Google Cloud Vertex AI Search for Retail, a next-generation search and recommendations engine that has been trained on significantly more data than legacy models. These machine learning models are optimized for specific eCommerce business use cases, such as click-through rate (CTR), revenue per order, and conversion rate (CVR). Not only does the recommendation engine consider the overall product category, but it also takes into account the buyability of those products in the same way a search algorithm understands user intent. By expanding their supported models, GroupBy is making it easy for retailers to create seamless, omnichannel shopping experiences with highly relevant recommendations across all customer touchpoints.
A More Informative Home Page
Finally, GroupBy's Product Discovery Platform has updated the design of its Command Center, placing analytics front and center. New overview and data visualizations make core KPIs available in graph form on the main home page, allowing users to see high-level site performance over time, at a glance. The added transparency this update provides allows merchandising teams to keep their finger on the pulse of the business at all times directly from the homepage, diving in where needed with GroupBy's updated and expanded controls.
"Previous generations of site search technology typically look at key metrics such as conversion rate and average order value as the most important measure of success,” explains Arv Natarajan, GroupBy's Director of Product. “These are still important, however, using Google's next-generation search engine allows us to help retailers maximize their online revenue through more relevant and personalized results for their shoppers. Customers that have recently gone live with our enhanced Product Discovery Platform have reported a 10-plus percent uplift in top-line revenue."
GroupBy's next-gen Product Discovery Platform powered by Google Cloud Discovery AI delivers best-in-class functionality for eCommerce retailers and wholesalers today. With its latest enhancements, the company's search and recommendations create unparalleled digital customer experiences optimized to drive revenue. For additional details, visit