Tips For Optimizing Ecommerce Conversion Through Digital Transformation and AI-powered Retail Solutions

retailX 2021 | Roland Gossage, GroupBy & Jane Lilley, Signet Jewelers

As competition heats up in the eCommerce space, retailers are racing to rapidly meet changing consumer demand and implement strategies to increase conversion rates more than ever before. Join this session to uncover top tips for boosting conversion and quick win strategies you can implement right away to meet the evolution of technology. In this session you will learn about strategies Signet Jewelers has taken to revamp their technology roadmap.

Attendees will discover:

  • How to create a customer-centric buyer’s journey by shifting from omnichannel to a unified commerce experience;
  • The importance of implementing rapid digital transformation for your business; and
  • How AI-powered Product Discovery solutions are now a must-have in order to beat the competition.