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AI Has Arrived: Driving Revenue and Loyalty with Next Generation Site Search and Recommendations

B2B Online 2022 | Optimizing The Customer Journey And Experience | April 11, 2022

Speakers: Roland Gossage, CEO, GroupBy | Brian Beck, B2B Ecommerce Expert Advisor & Author
In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, more buyers than ever are turning to online channels to research and purchase products. Loyalty is being challenged in all new ways. Creating hyper-relevant digital experiences for your B2B buyers in this environment is now a matter of survival, with site search and product recommendations at the core of the online journey. In this hard hitting fireside chat session, GroupBy’s CEO, Roland Gossage and Brian Beck, B2B Ecommerce Expert and Author of "Billion Dollar B2B Ecommerce", will discuss ways B2B companies can improve digital experiences through AI (artificial intelligence) powered product discovery technology. Learn how to leverage vast amounts of data and customer intent signals to deliver superior omnichannel experiences at scale while creating competitive advantage for your business.
Attendees will discover:
  • Ways that AI-driven search and recommendations can be deployed to directly impact conversion and brand loyalty
  • How to understand customer intent to create a customer-centric buying experience
  • How modern AI tools can enable one-to-one digital experiences and reinforce relationships across all channels
  • The foundational items required for success
  • Ways modern product recommendation and search tools can accelerate your digital transformation