GroupBy’s Product Discovery
powered by
 Google Cloud Discovery AI

B2C & B2B eCommerce Search and Recommendations
optimized for your business outcomes.

Revenue. Margin. Profit.


Benefits your company can experience

  • Increase customer engagement with Google-quality search and recommendations
  • Deliver personalized shopping experiences with a deeper understanding of customer intent
  • Empower your merchandising teams, optimize your product display, and build targeted campaigns within the easy-to-use Command Center
  • Scalability and performance to meet the needs of today’s consumers 

The Future of eCommerce Search is Here!

In order to meet the demands of the digital-first era, Google and GroupBy are bringing the future of eCommerce to you by setting the standard for Product Discovery in the market. Google's Cloud AI technology and GroupBy’s Product Discovery solutions are revolutionizing the eCommerce buyer’s journey to help retailers transform the customer experience with AI-powered Search and Recommendations.


Increased Customer Engagement

Advanced machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence capabilities provide fast, accurate and high-quality search results and recommendations that help increase customer engagement and shorten the shopping journey. This ultimately reduces bounce rates and improves customer retention.

Higher Conversions & Revenue

Drive conversions through personalized shopping experiences and increase basket size with highly relevant cross-selling opportunities powered by AI. Overcome cold-start challenges where no customer or product data exists by leveraging Google’s AI engine and enrichment capabilities.

Reduce Manual Intervention

Reduce manual intervention posed by rule-based systems and huge catalogs by implementing a modern ML engine that leverages natural language processing (NLP), advanced query understanding and ranking models.

Improve Retention

Reduce bounce rates and increase customer engagement and ultimately build a loyal customer base with more personalized shopping experiences, tailored cross-selling opportunities, unmatched search and recommendations results, and enriched product data.

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