GroupBy's Top Three Resolutions For 2018

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Here at GroupBy, we couldn’t be more thrilled for the New Year and all it’s sure to bring. 2017 has taught us so much, and we’re already brainstorming strategies to continue evolving our suite of microservices. Much like people strive to eat healthier, go to the gym more, or stress less, our resolutions are the key to making GroupBy the best it can possibly be.

1) Ensure retailers offer their shoppers a cutting edge, personalized experience Personalization is a cornerstone of the future of eCommerce. It is essential customers feel engaged and inspired by their shopping experience through exposure to relevant, exciting search results and product recommendations at every turn. Not to mention, personalization is the best way to guarantee higher conversion rates and return business. At GroupBy we get to know the shopper with every click they make, learning from their preferences, interests and long-tail behavior, thereby fostering a strong retailer-customer relationship.

2) Become a market leader for B2B eCommerce This year we’re addressing B2B specific problems by building intelligent solutions from the ground up. B2B eCommerce is fundamentally different than B2C in many ways and, to date, the industry has been forced to adapt B2C search and navigation services to try to meet their needs. These solutions are lacking in many ways and have not been designed from the ground up to accommodate the size, complexity and speed needed to create the next generation B2B Experience. GroupBy B2B is the first product designed to address the unique needs of the B2B eCommerce market.

3) Evolve alongside the rise of voice searching 2017 saw more voice searching and shopping than ever before, and with the rise of countless, voice searching technologies, the way customers search for products has been greatly impacted. At GroupBy, we see this as a groundbreaking chance to better our contextual understanding of modern search rhetoric and increase product findability. As searching becomes more colloquial, search results must keep up. 2018 is going to be a time of growth and change like never before, and we couldn’t be more eager for all that’s just around the corner.

Everyday, we set more and more goals like these with certainty this will be our best year yet.