Modernize Your eCommerce With GroupBy’s Guide to Retail Software

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Amid the slowing economic activity, Covid-19 has surged online sales and radically reshaped the eCommerce shopper experience. To put things into perspective, eCommerce penetration experienced 10 years of growth in just three months, according to business research firm McKinsey

Retailers that already had a strong online presence saw massive growth. Traditional brick-and-mortar businesses that relied on in-store sales, like Target, Wal-Mart, and others, saw large gains in the online stores that became their customers’ only option. 

B2B companies that had never focused on eCommerce, or gave it little thought, were forced to embrace modern technology, realizing that they should have a better site-wide product discovery experience. 

But consumers are unlikely to completely return to the old normal. Online shopping will continue to dominate the retail market, even once lockdowns become a distant memory. 

Every retail business is competing on the same playing field, and every consumer has the option of choosing between dozens, if not hundreds, of eCommerce stores. 

So, as a business, how are you going to compete? 

The answer: by improving your online business to meet the demands of post-pandemic consumers who have learned to expect an enjoyable and personalized experience from their online stores. The modern eCommerce customer wants a fast, simple and seamless experience from search through to order fulfillment.

For example, if your eCommerce store is seeing low conversion rates, then you may have a problem with inaccurate or incomplete data causing bad search experiences for site visitors. 

Similarly, a search function that frequently produces null searches or irrelevant results could be driving away potential customers — who are also unlikely to return after a frustrating search experience.

If you’re experiencing these issues, or other common problems like abandoned carts, inefficient product discovery or slow load times — GroupBy can help. 

GroupBy transforms the way businesses interact with their customers online through data-driven AI-powered Search and Product Discovery solutions. We help many of the world’s leading online retailers, distributors and manufacturers drive more targeted site traffic, boost order values and on average increase revenues by more than 30 percent.

In our 13-page eBook, “Take Your Foot Off the Brakes: How to Buy eCommerce Search Software Now,” you’ll learn what you need to meet the expectations of modern consumers. 

Supported by intensive research and written in a way you can actually understand our eBook:

Identifies Common Challenges - If your website has slow load times, doesn’t quickly produce relevant search results, or just has a poor user experience that leaves many shopping carts abandoned in the online checkout line — many customers will leave and never return. You’ll first need to learn what your major problems are, and how we can help you solve them. 

Tells You What Features You Need and Why - Better eCommerce starts with an integrated suite of software tools. Look for a vendor that’s willing to partner with you to build a customized solution, providing white-glove service from implementation to optimization. We’ll show you what features you should expect from a best-of-breed search software provider, like GroupBy Inc.

Helps You Decide If You Should Build Your Own Software - Not all people can go from plumbing apprentice to engineering genius like Ferdinand Porsche. You may have the best software developers in-house, but do you really want to divert their energies to a large-scale eCommerce build? It’s a complex, time-consuming and expensive undertaking.

Explains What To Look For In Pricing and Service - You’ll want to find a company with an Implementation-as-a-Service pricing model. This means you enjoy a single product and pricing structure that does away with traditional statements of work and change orders. We’ll tell you how this can help lower the costs of training and maintenance. 

At GroupBy Inc., we love the science behind successful eCommerce. We’re fascinated by the rapid changes occurring in the global retail marketplace — and the technological evolution of this industry will only speed up in coming years. 

The businesses that don’t start adapting now will be quickly left behind. 

We’re here to help. Start by downloading our guide “Take Your Foot Off the Brakes: How to Buy eCommerce Search Software Now,” and learn how to make your online business successful in 2021 and beyond.