Leveraging SaaS Technology: GroupBy Reviews Ways it Can Improve Your eCommerce Business

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It’s no secret -- businesses that focus on customer retention, vigorous marketing strategies and an excellent shopping experience make it to the top first (of course, quality products/services are included as well). 

In the past, retailers preferred having a team of talented marketers who could find potential customers. Even so, more attention was still needed on product marketing and analyzing customer preferences.  Afterall, if the customer isn’t happy, the vendor isn’t making money.  

With SaaS software in the picture, things are improving and companies are focusing on making outstanding customer shopping experiences, while keeping the marketing tab open on the side. 

Now the retail industry’s steady march toward adopting technology is kicking into overdrive as more shoppers are turning to online ordering for just about everything.

While retailers try to keep up with an increasing volume of orders, web-based software is quickly turning into the trump card for those looking to stay ahead of the competition, especially in the eCommerce market.  

So, how does SaaS technology improve your business? 

Using SaaS software enables enhanced search, customization, and personalization, all “must-have” capabilities for eCommerce success.

Let’s take a look at some of the other ways it can help.

Optimizes Customer Experience

An optimized eCommerce site experience, specifically designed to connect more shoppers to the products they’re looking for, leaves customers with a higher degree of confidence in the online store.  As a result, the retailer is left with higher conversion rates and revenue.  That’s why adopting SaaS technology into retail operations is gaining so much traction.  

Take for instance the results of a recent case study with a leading wholesaler who implemented the GroupBy Product Discovery Suite. 

In the case study, GroupBy reviews the following improvements: The company’s product landing page (PLP) is employing new tactics to improve the customer experience.  The website is now much cleaner, and there is a steady stream of fresh ideas as a direct result of the relationship between both teams.

More Control of eCommerce Content

Depending on an eCommerce store’s preferences, SaaS technology allows the retailer to control as little or as much of the content as they wish.  In a GroupBy case study with Swanson Health Products, the client wanted a solution that could be implemented by IT, but controlled by the business in a self-service approach.  As Swanson’s growth accelerated, their merchandizing team needed to keep up with new products, promotions and placement to ensure company growth. 

It was important for Swanson for their website to be a place where the voice of their customers could shine through.  The company decided GroupBy’s Search solution would provide a relevant and personalized onsite customer experience, and that its Command Center allowed Swanson to manage rules, biasing, redirects, and synonyms.

The move by Swanson to implement GroupBy’s SaaS technology resulted in an increased conversion and add-to-cart rates for the brand. Swanson saw significant growth across all of their critical metrics. Within the year:

  • The search click-through rate increased by over 50%. 
  • Search add-to-cart rate increased over 65% 
  • The conversion rate increased over 60%.
  • Reduce IT Resource Costs

Converting to SaaS technology not only helps eCommerce stores improve their business efficiency and cater more to customers, it also helps reduce some of the upfront costs and resources required for IT costs.  Again, in GroupBy’s leading wholesaler case study, the subject was able to re-allocate IT resources to higher priority tasks and by doing so, enabled its eCommerce team to quickly and effectively update the site.

SaaS eliminates the cost of an initial software set up and subsequent updates, as well as that of the hardware required to run it. Instead the same infrastructure and software is included for a subscription cost by the vendor. Since implementing GroupBy, the wholesaler has seen an online revenue boost of 2,000% and marked improvements in its key eCommerce metrics.

At the end of the day, using SaaS means that your business is always supported by the leading edge of software development. It also ensures that your business remains a dynamic participant in its field.  Every time we write one of our eCommerce case studies, it tells us that our software is making a significant difference for those brands.