Insights You Need To Continuously Improve Your Site Experience

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We love empowering merchandizers to do what they do best - create site experiences that delight their customers. However, we recognize that merchandizers need feedback on whether their experiences have the desired effect. They also a need a helping hand in making sense of the thousands, if not millions, of experiences that their shoppers have. That’s where the GroupBy Analytics comes in.


Valuable Feedback On Your Site Experience

We collect data on your shopper’s behavior at every touchpoint of your site. That’s millions of small events per day, which we then process and aggregate so you can make sense of them. We give you KPIs that monitor your search effectiveness, such as search click-through rate, search conversion rate, and null search rate. By having your finger on the pulse, you can monitor the positive impact that we are making together.

Find Your Weak Spots and Improve Them

We distill the millions of customers and events into search paths, and we tell you where your strengths and weaknesses are. You can start simple, by understanding your most common search paths so you can make sure you are providing the most relevant experiences for the masses.

… alternatively, you could get clever. Find popular search paths that have low conversion rates, so that you can uncover hidden areas that aren’t performing as well as you would like. Understand which refinements make a shopper more likely to buy particular products, so you can bias your results to fit your customers. Find search paths with degrading performances so that you can inform your marketing campaigns.

Whatever the question you want to ask, the GroupBy Analytics Platform will help you find the answer.


Complete Transparency of our Operational Performance

We are thankful that you trust our eCommerce search suite to power parts of your eCommerce site, and we know you have to juggle an ecosystem of technology vendors to provide that perfect site experience. That’s why we give you complete transparency of our performance by giving you access to real-time dashboards about how much traffic you are sending us, our response times and any errors you are getting back from us.

Book some time with us to learn how using analytics can improve your eCommerce website.