Align Your Product Data to Your Customer’s Shopping Journey

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Hidden inventory is the plague today’s online retailers must deal with, where inventory is missing key attributes or metadata needed to recall specific products through to your navigation filters. For example, a product that’s missing the value for “color” will not show when a shopper uses the color filter in the navigation pane to narrow down their selection.

GroupBy Enrich solves this problem by connecting the missing dots between how your customers search for products and how your product data is structured. The result? An optimized e-commerce site experience explicitly designed to connect more shoppers to the products they’re looking for, leaving your customers with a higher degree of confidence in your online store, and you with higher conversion rates and revenue.


Rapid Product Attribution at Scale

GroupBy Enrich turns product data into performance. With Enrich, retailers can nimbly execute and expand on e-commerce strategies by implementing product attribute terms that align directly with your shopper’s search intent. You increase the number of attributes associated with a single product which leads to a more accurate search experience for your customers. Enrich ultimately improves the customer’s site experience — and your online conversion rates — leaving you with more money in your wallet.

Complete, Normalized Product Data Without the Manual Labor

With Enrich, we take your data and run it through our Global Taxonomy — where all of your products are classified — before finding and fixing any data gaps. You’ll then work with our strategy team to streamline and customize your attributes, molding them specifically to your business. Our curation team will then leverage machine intelligence, and in some cases, human curation, to deliver an optimized product attribute set purposefully-built at the scale, speed and quality that retailers demand.

Mimic the Customer Search Experience with Enrich Viewer

With Enrich Viewer, you get to review your data before your customers see it to ensure accuracy, relevance, and context. What was once a very manual, tedious process within an archaic PIM system, has been transformed into a very visual, user-friendly design, geared to give your team a window into how the customer’s search results lead to a higher conversion rate. Create the strategies that define which attributes are essential for your product’s PLP with intuitive navigation. This eases the QA process and speeds up product definition, giving valuable time back to your team.

GroupBy Cloud Brings Enriched Data To Life With Searchandiser™

Better data quality is only the first step to the end-to-end, optimized site experience. GroupBy’s Search Suite uses the enriched data to power personalized search in real-time. Let your data work for you and find out why the world’s leading online retailers trust GroupBy’s  — the only search tool that fuses findability with personalization.