Adapting Search Experience for the Digital Native

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When it comes to the success or failure of an eCommerce site, there is no shortage of critically important factors—aspects of an online shopping experience which can either be assets or missed opportunities. And not only are they many, they are multiplying. Because for as long as online shopping remains a mainstay in our culture, it should continue evolving alongside its users. Otherwise, eCommerce sites become monuments of the past, left in the dust by savvy users who constantly expect more.
These Digital Natives—hungry for the best experience eCommerce has to offer—are the target customer, as well as the teachers from which GroupBy learns. For as much as customer dependence on online shopping has risen, so too have their standards. As such, the success of an eCommerce site now rests on more than simply knowing what the customer wants and providing them with a wide selection. Today, it is just as vital to understand and anticipate how this customer will go about finding a product.
As personal as a signature, each customer’s shopping strategy is intricate and unique, and in a room full of people searching for the same item, each will approach the hunt differently. Here at GroupBy, we work to harness this stream of diverse behavioral data so it may be our guide to future innovations and our clients’ greatest resource. Not only does this data hold the key to knowing the customer, personalizing their experience and predicting their preferences, it is also both inspiration and blueprint for tools aimed at keeping up with the aforementioned, unstoppable evolution of eCommerce. 
Searchandiser and Semantish are two of such tools GroupBy is proud to have pioneered—putting the power of behavior data in the hands of the retailer. Each hold the promise of a modernized and flexible search experience, strengthened by the continuous evolution of Digital Natives and guaranteeing an intelligent, personalized experience without possibility of falling behind. How? 
Searchandiser, for one, utilizes each customer’s behavioral data to interpret shopping preferences and habits. For instance, which brand of denim does someone most often search and/or purchase on a retailer’s eCommerce site? What price range does this customer generally shop within? Do they filter their search in any particular ways? Searchandiser collects this information and converts it into a personalized search experience in the future, displaying results in a way most relevant to this particular customer. 
Similarly, Semantish looks towards the future by learning from each customer’s search rhetoric. As Digital Natives are increasingly comfortable navigating eCommerce sites, their language has become equally colloquial. This means one of two things for retailers. One: more and more products will turn into hidden inventory—items unfindable to customers because they are not searching verbiage found within product descriptions. Or, two: colloquial language becomes yet another lesson in modernizing the search experience.
With Semantish, retailers can rest assured their products are more easily findable than ever, as well as their future inventories. Because for every customer search, no matter how informal or aimless, Semantish is more capable of carving the most efficient path from customer to relevant products. Searchandiser and Semantish are only two of many tools GroupBy has to offer retailers. Tools which convert data into a means of adapting alongside the future of eCommerce. For more information on how we turn data into tools at the retailers disposal, click here.