Data Enrichment

With GroupBy Enrich you can be certain your product data is both comprehensive and complete - making your products more findable to your site visitors ultimately driving greater conversion for your site.

Intelligent Search

With best-in-breed machine learning technology, our Searchandiser product will lift your conversion rates from day one and will continue to lift them even further over time by leveraging a proprietary process we call Individualized Relevance™.

Hand Curation

We understand that power exists between the man and the machine, so our Merchandising Mode allows your team to leverage the power of AI while still having full control over your user experience.

B2B Retailing

The complexity found in the B2B space is vast. Custom product content like client-specific pricing, multi-webstore management, and other areas are all handled through our patent-pending B2B solution.


GroupBy focuses on a unique approach -- Individualized Personalization™ -- to monitor every action taken on the website. Through Personalized Relevance™, we allow you to better understand each shopper and suggest more thoughtful recommendations, retargeting and other marketing strategies.


Sophisticated business intelligence tools such as interactive dashboards and regular health checks allow you to have real-time insight into your operational performance for better decision-making.


  1. Ensure your product data is working for you with GroupBy Enrich

    A good site experience starts with good data.  Our solution removes the challenges of having incomplete or incorrect product data across your site to provide better findability to your visitors.

    Improve Attribution

    Your site search is only as good as the data the system ingests. There isn't a retailer out there that hasn't struggled with incomplete product data resulting in lower findability and thus lower revenue performance. But we'll fix that.

    Cross-Vertical Taxonomy

    Our proprietary solution automates product attribution across every retail vertical with our comprehensive taxonomy to ensure every product you sell is covered. Every retail vertical. Every time.

  2. Improve site visitor performance with SEO Enhancer

    Maximize site traffic with URL beautification, orphan page elimination, multi-site management and a few secrets up our sleeve!

    Attract Consumers to Your Site

    A fantastic site experience means little if you aren't attracting enough people to your site. We can ensure optimal performance of prospective shoppers landing on your website.

    Multi-Site Management

    Plenty of our clients are managing multiple sites due to industry consolidation or complex B2B strategies. We can help ensure that your SEO is managed properly no matter how many micro-sites you are juggling.

  3. Fusing best-in-breed machine learning with hand-curation tools for total merchandising control with Searchandiser

    Where man meets machine.  Leverage state-of-the-art machine learning with complete merchandising control to ensure strategic objectives are always met across your entire site.

    The Classics

    Search-As-You-Type, Recommendations Manager, Personalized Relevance™ and Responsive Design all allow retailers to augment their legacy systems through the complete customer journey.

    B2B Specialization

    Our patent-pending B2B solution solves all of the issues retailers serving the B2B market face with custom pricing and product management, child record filtering and multi-webstore management.

  4. Monitor your performance and make actionable decisions with a full suite of business intelligence tools with GroupBy Analytics

    Interactive dashboards, real-time monitoring, regular health checks all allow you to manage your business with real performance data every day.

    Enterprise Reporting

    Our team of B.I. experts will guide you through how to use your performance data to strengthen your merchandising strategies and maximize your revenue.

    Advanced BI

    Gain insight through intuitive tools and interfaces such as site frequency maps, conversion charting and attribution monitoring to transform your data into true intelligence.

Distinct Markets

We offer two distinct tool kits. One for B2C and our patent-pending B2B search and merchandising solution, ensuring success no matter what side of the retail spectrum you play on.

Retail Verticals

Usage across 8 retail verticals gives us the most diverse client base in the industry - which in turn ensures that whatever challenges you are facing, we already have a solution for you.

Weeks to Implement

Our cloud-based solution and unique technical design allows us to implement into your operations in as little as just a few weeks - for even some of our largest customers.

Conversion Improvement

We have improved our clients' conversion rates by an average of 15 - 35% after launch but have also seen results as high as 2x their previous performance.

Improve your entire site’s user experience in a matter of a few weeks and watch your conversions rise!

“We have seen the advancements that they have made both as a technology platform and as a company at-­large and we are looking forward to leveraging those advancements to better serve our global multiple language customer base.”

Director Global Sales, 3B Scientific

“With competition like Amazon we have to ensure that our site search and navigation is truly world class. Delivering relevant search results for our customers with GroupBy is a critical role in customer satisfaction and our business as a whole.”

Founder & CEO,

“With Searchandiser, we have seen a huge improvement over Solr - we no longer have to deal with what our business users referred to as a random number generator.”

Chief Information Officer, Zoro Tools

“In partnering with GroupBy, we bridge the gap between what our shoppers are looking for and what they find with rich product data that better describes our products, in a language they understand.”

Director of Digital Strategy & Ecommerce, Lancôme